Vancouver man hangs up on supposed $3.5M ‘jackpot’




Gordon Page of East Vancouver reports he and his wife have received multiple scam calls in the past few months.

The most recent call came a few days ago from someone who said Page’s wife had won $3.5 million.

“How they got her name and telephone number, I don’t know,” Page said.

Page said his wife wasn’t available, so the scammers gave him the pitch, he said. All he needed to do was send them $350 via a certified check and they would send him the $3.5 million.

He didn’t let them finish the story.

He hung up and didn’t call police.

Page said he also gets a few calls a month from people who say they can decrease the interest rate on his credit cards. The callers say he has $3,000 on his current cards — he doesn’t.

The scammers never say what bank the card would be with or what the interest rate would be.

He hasn’t called police to report the calls.