Weather Eye: Too soon to say if we will enjoy a white Christmas




Not a whole lot to get excited about this week weatherwise outside of a little rain today with decreasing showers Wednesday and then more rain over the weekend. Freezing levels went way up Monday but will drop tonight below mountain passes. The next 10 days or so any moisture that heads our way will be in the form of snow in the mountains.

Things get interesting as we move toward Christmas with storms moving down from the north and northwest, and depending on the track could drop snow levels to low elevations, especially if they track south into California, which would keep us on the cold side of the jet. But, as things usually go we may just have a cold rain, but at least something to keep an eye on. Computer forecast models are all over the place in the longer term so nothing certain, stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I am getting lots of reports of daffodils and tulip bulbs rising above the earth nearly two inches now. Usually they erupt in January, so a bit early. Related to weather? I doubt it but who knows? We certainly haven’t had that many freezes for the most part as many in the city have yet to reach 32 degrees. It has been more than eight months now since Portland International Airport or Vancouver had a freezing temperature.

It is a good thing we have no huge storms this week as it is the time of the year where we have the highest tides. Even without storm surges, heavy rain and high swells there still could be minor flooding in Pacific County around Raymond and Naselle.

My friend and weather observer Roland Derksen in Vancouver, B.C. reported Sunday that he saw the first snowflakes of the season up there with a good rain-snow mix. Locally we just had that warm front with drizzle and fog. Yuck.

I will see you on Thursday!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Weather Systems.