Letter: Coal industry is providing jobs



Excuse my ignorance on the subject of coal transport but the issues these people use who are against it happening in our local area confuse me.

Anyone who has flown into Los Angeles and seen that smog is also as confused as the people who think coal transportation has any effect on that city. From my understanding, the worst days in the L.A. smog is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

On the other hand, those hard-working coal miners, whose job and revenue depend on that coal they excavated at the risk of black lung and loss of life so they can pay their bills so as not to be the “47 percent,” are heroes in my book.

To the people who think that a train transporting coal that is uncovered is going to be a health risk, they should worry about me. My truck is an 1980s model Dodge and is at this time without a catalytic converter.

Sean Margetis