Letter: Prohibition evolves into more crime



As a former Vancouver resident, I read with interest the Dec. 9 Columbian story “Crime increases as drug use does.” 100 years ago, people could legally purchase all the heroin, cocaine or morphine they wanted for pennies per dose; 100 years ago the term drug-related crime didn’t exist.

For the most part, drug consumption does not cause crime. Drug prohibition policies cause most of our violent and property crime.

People are substantially less safe today because of our so-called war on drugs.

I suggest readers view a short YouTube video featuring Stephen Downing, former deputy chief of police of the Los Angeles Police Department. During the 1960s more than 90 percent of all murders were solved. Now just over 60 percent of all murders are solved. Why? Because of our war on drugs. There are great financial incentives for police to make drug busts and confiscate the drug dealers’ money and property but no financial incentive to solve rapes or murders.

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Ariz.