Vital Statistics



Marriage licenses


Bagnall, William Ellsworth III, 46, Portland, and Alvarenga, Clayton Gandra, 49, Portland.

Boardman, Kerri Kristen, 28, Vancouver, and Cannady, Brandon Scott, 27, Beaverton, Ore.

Brown, Cristina Michelle, 39, Vancouver, and Ryder, Jennifer Rae, 43, Vancouver.

Brown, Nicole Patricia, 32, Camas, and Swendsen, David Edward, 35, Camas.

Burke, Allison Lindsay, 24, Vancouver, and Nelson, Diann Nicole, 23, Vancouver.

Canavan, Sean Joseph, 39, Vancouver, and Bricker, Richard Alan, 47, Vancouver.

Cavagna, Emily Ann, 20, Yacolt, and Swatosh, Cullen Thomas, 21, Kalispell, Mont.

Clancy, Teresa Rene, 51, Portland, and Clancy, Kalene Pamela, 50, Portland.

Counard, Charles Lee, 48, Brush Prairie, and Abel, Andrew Adam, 43, Brush Prairie.

Dahl, Liesa Marie, 43, Vancouver, and Wright, Loretta Jane, 54, Vancouver.

English, Allen Clark, 49, Fairview, Ore., and Garcia, Tracy Marie, 46, Washougal.

Espinoza, Sharon Grace, 45, Vancouver, and Murphy, Alan Joseph, 68, Bothell.

French, Kyle Dean, 40, Portland, and Flanagan, Sammy Lee, 44, Portland.

Godsil, Jessica Georgia, 29, Vancouver, and Higgs, Trevor Mario, 29, Vancouver.

Goforth, Kathryn Ann, 40, Washougal, and Spiering, Ashley Michele, 45, Washougal.

Green, Ronald Stuart, 51, Vancouver, and McCann, Jessica Leigh, 45, Seattle.

Hernandez, Miguel Angel, 34, Vancouver, and Swigert, Angela Lawson, 36, Vancouver.

Homme, Jillane Mari, 48, Battle Ground, and Libbey, Deborah Marie, 49, Battle Ground.

Huffman, Lawrence Charles, 70, Kalama, and Herriott, Vernon Leroy, 55, Kalama.

Ivie, Rebecca Corinne, 28, Vancouver, and Kenison, Dana Joy, 26, Vancouver.

James, Marsha Fay, 63, Beaverton, Ore., and Esquivel, Nubia Rodriguez, 42, Beaverton, Ore.

Johnson, Darwin Allan Sr., 53, Vancouver, and Diaz, Ray, 50, Vancouver.Keyes, Jennings Bryan, 52, Vancouver, and Portillo, Giovanni Jose, 49, Vancouver.

Krugel, Gretchen Hannele, 29, Portland, and Krugel, Tara Jean, 28, Portland.

Luis, Maximino Perez, 36, Vancouver, and Vazquez, Marta, 31, Vancouver.

Macy, Justin Lee, 24, Vancouver, and Knudsen, Kimberly Elizabeth-Victoria, 24, Vancouver.

Matoga, Anke Charlotte, 53, Vancouver, and Porter, Shoshanna Eileen, 61, Vancouver.

McQuivey, Conor Paul, 29, Portland, and Herb, Jonathan Kawika, 26, Portland.

Neuschwander, Allison Geneva, 34, Portland, and Haines, Kelly Lynn, 32, Portland.

Papworth, Joshua Allen, 25, Vancouver, and Thomas, Casey Alyssa, 20, Vancouver.

Parks, Terri Ann, 54, Vancouver, and Hall, Stuart Warren, 51, Vancouver.

Perry, Renee Catherine, 31, Vancouver, and Hungerford, Angelique Trinkle, 36, Vancouver.

Petersen, Philip David, 60, Vancouver, and Mitchell, Ryan Adam, 33, Vancouver.

Reyes, Otilio Vasquez, 38, Battle Ground, and Ramirez, Angelica Jarquin, 25, Battle Ground.

Sarkisyan, Nikolay Aleksandrovich, 27, Vancouver, and Usata, Iryna Viktorovna, 20, Vancouver.

Seamans, Bob Ray, 56, Vancouver, and Ranard, Ernest Russell, 50, Vancouver.

Shurtz, Joni Leanne, 37, Vancouver, and Rauchenstein, Laura Ann, 37, Vancouver.

Starks, Arealius Rashad, 23, Vancouver, and Zimmermann, Alyssa Danyle, 20, Camas.

Stout, Tina Jo, 43, Vancouver, and Thrasher, Alexander Edwin, 43, Vancouver.

Sumstine, Tonya Marie, 40, Vancouver, and Newman, Larance Manual, 46, Vancouver.

Tanner, Kristen Amanda, 35, Vancouver, and Tanner, June Theresa, 43, Vancouver.

Thomas, Benjamin Andrew, 24, Vancouver, and Lamb, Katherine June, 22, Vancouver.

Tylka, Sabrina Ann, 24, Beaverton, Ore., and Starks, Jennifer, 27, Beaverton, Ore.

Vanneman, Victoria Ann, 60, Portland, and Spurkland, Virginia Lee, 70, Portland.

Vercella, Diane Marie, 41, Vancouver, and Vercella, Stefanie Ann, 41, Vancouver.

Wang, Jingfang, 36, Vancouver, and Lynch, William Cornelius, 61, Vancouver.

Weinhold, Alyssa Jane, 19, Vancouver, and Berner, Kenneth Dylan, 34, Vancouver.

Wild, Joan Rae, 62, Vancouver, and McDuffie, Heather Rae, 48, Vancouver.

Wiley, Brandy Nicole, 31, Vancouver, and Isbell, George Clifford, 31, Vancouver.


Allan, James Nephi, 24, Vancouver, and Flores, Carlie Ann, 21, Vancouver.Bevens, Rebecca Rae, 42, Vancouver, and Alexander, Sean Michael, 42, Vancouver.

Chhuoy, Seath, 26, La Center, and Stanley, David Eugene, 45, La Center.

Doerfler, Kaitlyn Michelle, 20, Vancouver, and Lysne, Nicholas David, 20, Vancouver.

Giguere, Daniel Lee, 57, Vancouver, and Jones, Roberta Irene, 55, Vancouver.

Jones, Cody Glenn, 40, Vancouver, and Keese, Kyle Wesley, 28, Vancouver.

Labrada-Gonzalez, 57, Ridgefield, and Galvan, Elvia Leticia, 57, Turlock, Calif.

Lopez, Fernando Cruz, 35, Vancouver, and Nguyen, Phuoc Huu, 41, Salem, Ore.

McDaniel, Michael Steven, 35, Portland, and Ganchegui, Raphael Rivas, 39, Portland.

McGanney, Zachary Athan, 22, Vancouver, and Tukhashvili, Tamara Givi, 21, Vancouver.

Morgan, Jamie Denise, 34, Vancouver, and Fritz, Nicholas Lee, 29, Vancouver.

Wiedenhoft, Larry Michael, 48, Manzanita, Ore., and Anderson, Timothy Allen, 48, Manzanita, Ore.

Marriage dissolutions


Boesplug, Loren L. and Robin S.Chacon, Jessica A. and Anthony C. Woman's name changed to Bredsguard.

Conright, Carrie L. and James D.

Enns, Michael Patrick and Mikel Dorionn.

Fowler, Melissa and Jack.

Handley, Thomas W., and Jenson, Pia M.

Homola, Ronald A. and Crystal A.

Koch, Shannon M. and Kenneth H.Lake, Jeremy Eben and Gabrielle Elise. Woman's name changed to Mayeur.

Madrigal-Smith, Aimee L., and Smith, Aaron M.

McIlvain, Elissa and Aaron. Woman's name changed to Couron.

Mendenall, David Ryan and Julie Noelle.

Nerton, Kristin Ann and Zackery Allen.

Ortiz, Christine C. and Chadwick L. Woman's name changed to Carpio.

Perkkala, Brittany M., and Beardshear, Kaleb J.

Rosenbaum, Stephanie R. and Ryan C.

Seidel, Curtis, and Estacio, Wanda.

Smith, Tami Jean and Donald Gregory. Woman's name changed to Poyner.

Wilson, Bryan L. and Deonna L.

Zhacuaro, Shatmer and Jesus A.


Barry, Courtney Elisabeth and Jonathan Robert.Earley, Richard R. and Betty Ann.

Hayes, Susan Joydean and Crowell, Brian William.

Huteson, Trisha A. and Scott J.

Kuychiyeva, Guli and Ispakhev, Sherif.

Lacatusu, Carmen Loredana and Radu.

Leggett, Nancy Ann and Benny Christopher Jr.

Lintner, Keith E. and Darinee.

Ochsner, Heidi and Rawles, Christopher.

Shoemaker, Warren and Cherie.

Tweten, Dena Michelle and Paul Raymond.


Kagawa-Burke, Laura, and Burke, Gary.

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