Letter: Editorial stance questioned



Does it not strike you to be just a bit hypocritical for The Columbian to take such a strong stand so early in the process and come out against the Forest Service decision to grant a mining company a permit to “sample drill” to see the worthiness of a potential mine site? If the company finds economical value and wishes to proceed as provided for in the law, then the environmental impact statement will be mandatory given the significance of the pending operation. At that time, a “yes” or “no” decision will be made and your Dec. 8 “Jeers & Cheers” comments would be more appropriate. The Columbian, on the other hand, is acting not unlike the president when he flew to Michigan to enter on one side of an argument on right to work, as if to say the other side is wrong because they do not agree with his position.

As for The Columbian, all of your equipment to produce a daily newspaper, as well as all of the tools and materials your employees use to help produce that paper, use products extracted from mining operations.

Let the legal process work.

Ted Stubblefield