Letter: Moser’s legacy inspires smiles




The tribute to Bob Moser in the Dec. 11 editorial, “A leader with a smile,” was right on. He was a friend, a colleague, a mentor, and probably the most patient and attentive listener I’ve known. He stood tall as a community and environmental advocate, and always had productive and positive ideas to throw into the hat. Smile here.

When he founded the Clark County Track Club, he was so excited to get to the first meeting that he wore his running shorts and tank top, leaving his wallet at home. I jokingly offered to loan him the money to join up. Smile here.

Near the end of one of my earliest road runs, I was exhausted and empty. Bob came out and ran that last leg with me, offering support and encouragement. I crossed the finish line feeling successful and wearing, of course, a smile.

Bob is like a candle, and we are drawn to the flame. His legacy remains a part of all who knew him. Right here. Right now. It’s our turn to pick up the torch, and run with it. Affably. Together. In harmony. With a smile.

Sharleen Meadows

La Center