Letter: Fiscal cliff problem can be solved



Our leaders have known since August 2011 what would happen if they didn’t solve the fiscal cliff. Yet we still have both parties posturing in order to try to gain advantage in each election. We see finger-pointing rather than an earnest effort to solve problems.

This is not a small difficulty that can be resolved by making a few tweaks in the tax codes. Simply increasing taxes on high earners or reducing deductions and cutting pork barrel programs is not adequate.

I urge everyone to write a letter or make calls to your senators and congressional representative and ask them to do two simple things:

  1. Tell us the truth; don’t simply feed us their party’s talking points.

  2. Work in good faith with their colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find solutions.

Should we fall off the fiscal cliff, it will be the fault of both the Democrats and the Republicans, and those of us who don’t hold their feet to the fire.

We, as a nation, have worked our way out of far more serious dilemmas.

There is no doubt that we can work our way out of this one if our leaders accept their responsibility to solve problems.

Ted Alby