State patrol unveils commemorative badge

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



Next time you’re talking to a Washington State Patrol trooper, look at his or her badge. To commemorate today’s historic graduation of the 100th Trooper Basic Training Class, troopers can wear a special badge, according to a bulletin from the patrol.

The 37 trooper cadets who graduated in the Washington state Capitol Rotunda will be wearing the new badge.

“Graduating our 100th class of troopers is an amazing milestone,” Chief John Batiste said in the bulletin. “In the entire history of our agency, only about 3,000 people have ever served as troopers. This badge is intended to honor every one of them.”

Trooper Eric Handley designed the badge in gold and blue uniform colors, with the patrol’s motto: “Service with humility.”

A special commemorative badge was last made in 2003, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Washington Territory’s breaking off from the Oregon Territory, the bulletin said.

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