Letter: Forget about light rail on I-5



The Dec. 11 Columbian story “CRC zeroes in on height for bridge” describes the Columbia River Crossing’s dilemma regarding bridge height. The CRC seems not to care about jobs in the area, only the bridge with light rail.

Proposing a height of 115 or 116 feet still will affect nine to 11 vessels and three major Columbia River manufacturers. We need the manufacturers for the jobs and we need more height for the vessels to pass under the bridge.

Let’s forget about light rail and put it on the I-205 Bridge. Didn’t we vote down light rail about three times? The bridge would have more clearance without the lower deck for light rail. It seems elected and nonelected officials do not want to do what the people want. If we must have light rail, the I-205 corridor would be better as it would be in a area where there is more population than confining it to the I-5 corridor.

Paul E. Nelson

Hazel Dell