Talking Points: Przybilla pays for errant toss




When his NBA days come to an end, former Trail Blazer Joel Przybilla may want to consider a second career as a beanball artist for a local softball league.

Przybilla, who now plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, was suspended one game without pay for tossing a basketball and hitting a referee. The play happened Saturday night with 1:36 remaining in a blowout loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. Teammate Drew Gooden had just committed a foul and Pryzybilla grabbed the ball, then threw it towards the direction of the referee who had his back turned several feet away near the scorer’s table.

The ball made contact and earned Pryzbilla a non-paying vacation day against the Pacers tonight.


Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim earned his 900th victory on Monday, but the end of his post-game press conference veered away from basketball. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, Boeheim expressed his thoughts on gun control.

“I think, and this will probably offend some people,” Boeheim said. “If we in this country, as Americans, can not get the people that represent us to do something about firearms we are a sad, sad society.”

Boeheim continued, stating he was “not talking about rifles,” but the need to pass legislature against assault weapons.

“This isn’t about the President or those other people down there. We need to make them understand,” Boeheim said. “Somehow, this needs to get figured out. Real quick. Not six months from now.”


So what if the league logo is the silhouette of a pony-tailed player?

When artist Brent Diskin designed the crest of the new Portland Thorns of the National Women’s Soccer League, he specifically stayed away from “too girly or cartoony” images.

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