Letter Today’s the day to talk gun control



I can hear the gun lobby now. “Today is not the day for gun control debate. Now is the time to focus on the victims.” We’ll cry and pray but do nothing as a nation about access to guns until the next time a classroom full of children is mowed down, when we’ll cry and pray but do nothing as a nation about access to guns.

We need stricter gun control. Sane and mentally ill individuals are obtaining guns and killing some 12,000 Americans a year. The world looks on in disbelief, sadness and pity. While the Second Amendment keeps guns in the hands of people who shoot up elementary schools, movie theaters and shopping malls, recall the Founding Fathers didn’t intend guns be used in this way. Those Founding Fathers also didn’t intend for African Americans and women to vote. Society recognized that error and evolved.

We must stop hiding behind the Second Amendment, written over two centuries ago, and evolve.

The president and other officials are surely tired of offering condolences to yet another community following yet another tragedy.

I’m tired of hearing “Today is not the day to talk about tougher gun control.” Today is the day.

Jim Bittner