Letter: Take steps to end easy access



Where does guilt begin?

Does it begin with the enraged or deranged shooter who has no qualms about killing the innocent, even children? Does it begin with the dealer who sold this person the weapon? Does it begin with the National Rifle Association, a name that strikes fear throughout the halls of Congress, fear of losing the NRA’s support, or worse yet, fear of an active campaign against any member of the House or Senate who dares to oppose their ideological movement toward a gun-obsessed society? Does it begin with a Congress concerned only with re-election, prone to accept assistance from lobbyists?

Or does it begin with us, our ignorance, our fanaticism, our predilection to believe whoever prefaces their remarks with the words “God” or “rights” or “America” and waves a red, white and blue flag to underline their point?

The majority of Americans know that we need sensible gun control laws and that such laws do not violate the Second Amendment. Sign the Brady gun control petition or contact members of Congress. Demand that military-style assault weapons be outlawed and that gun show dealers be required to do background checks. These steps are not the whole solution, but we have to start somewhere.

–Joel Littauer, Vancouver