Letter: Adrift without moral guidance



Apropos to the Connecticut school slaughter, since the president doesn’t believe a crisis should go to waste, we have seen a lot of him in the past few days. Barack Obama likes to blame things on someone else. Unfortunately, we now have a tragedy that we can blame on him and on all of the progressives and liberals. They were the ones who wanted to kick God out of schools and government.

We have no moral code and are adrift without any moral guidance. Filthy language in movies and recordings, lying, cheating members of Congress, as well as businessmen, no guilt about anything we do in the name of “freedom”: this trend will never be turned around until we can honestly admit our society is on the wrong path. Hate is omnipresent, racial division, death threats because we don’t like a persons’ views: This is the root of the killing sprees.

Reporters and others often end their comments with the phrase “our thoughts and prayers” are with the survivors of the victims. How hypocritical; they are the ones who are usually anti-religious. The only defense against evil is our faith in a living God.

The Washington Guardian website recently reported that the Obama administration and Congress quietly let federal funding for several school security programs lapse.

Ed Tazelaar