Letter: Enough already



Please forgive any intemperate tone that might be present in this letter, but this old man has had enough of the prayer and candlelight vigils that commemorate another murder of innocents. I think that it is past time that we tell our timid politicians that it is time that they do something about it.

They should brand the National Rifle Association as a terrorist organization that promotes the arming of killers with assault weapons and huge, multiple-round magazines. It is time to modify the Second Amendment to limit the types of arms to those that were available when it was passed 200 years ago, i.e. single-shot weapons that are suitable for hunting. It is time to make the members of the judiciary who rule that gun-control laws violate the Second Amendment have knocked into their silly heads that there are more important things, such as the lives of children and innocent holiday shoppers, than a foolish adherence to an outdated and obsolete interpretation of a law.

Unhappily, this is all wishful thinking, and nothing will be done to limit the thousands of deaths from gunfire in this land of ours.

James S. Roberts