Letter: Dubious of ‘sky is falling’ warnings



I have been reading some articles about climate change. Someone did not check things very well as climate change and tidal change have something in common — they are out of our hands.

The climate change seems to be controlled by the sun, and carbon emissions have very little effect on it. Carbon emissions are plant food that the plants have to have. People, as far as I am concerned, have been fooled on this subject, as very few ever check things out like this. I have found this to be true, which is not good. Real science does not go along with what I have been reading in the media.

There is also radioactive carbon dioxide that falls out of the atmosphere all the time. No one can do anything about that, either — it happens. It is used in radiocarbon dating for wood and anything else, like bones.

After reading some of those articles we need to ask the “Chicken Littles” where they get their information. It would be interesting to know, as good information has been around for years.

Donald R. Huber