Talking Points: No love for boosters




What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Willamette Week published a Dec. 19 cover story this week in which some longtime Oregon Ducks boosters expressed frustration that Chip Kelly largely ignores them.

The coach, unlike his predecessors, does not make the weekly trip north to hobnob with the Oregon Club of Portland — preferring to attend via video chat.

Apparently, Kelly would rather spend his Thursday’s working on improving his football team instead of stroking the egos of donors and season-ticket holders.

Apparently, some Ducks fans can’t stand success.

A quote in the story from Jack Roberts, a former Oregon labor commissioner and Oregon alumnus, states: “Some of the college boosters have gone as far as to say, ‘I hope he does leave so we can get somebody who appreciates the fans.’ “

Excuse us? We’re guessing there are fans of a lot of other schools who will greatly appreciate it if/when Chip Kelly leaves Oregon.

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