Letter: Christmas ships: great tradition



Thanks to all the captains for the gift of the Christmas Ships parade. It warmed hearts and brought smiles to faces that had shed too many tears these few weeks.

Warmly wrapped, we watched from a bench near Vancouver Landing as the twinkling lights approached under the I-5 bridge, the passengers on board hailing us with season’s greetings. We knew the holiday season was in full swing as the perennial rocking snowman and the poinsettia-decorated gift box passed by. We enjoyed a chuckle as the Coho Ho Ho lights flashed above the neon salmon. The road runner appeared again as did the manger scene and a tall Christmas tree on a sailboat’s rigging.

The 20 or so boats, each with a creative design, skillfully negotiated the current in the dark waters while music from the crafts added to the enjoyment of the night.

This is one of the treats given to us who call Vancouver and Clark County home.

Nan Weston