Letter: Mining plan full of flaws



After reading the Dec. 16 business story “Betting on a mine near Mount St. Helens: There’s no proof of mineral deposits yet, and chances of digging deep and striking it rich are remote,” I am amazed that people still support Ascot Resources.

The company is willing to risk acid rock drainage and toxic metals leaching into surface and ground water on our national forest lands so Ascot can increase its stock prices. Even in very small amounts, these metals can be toxic to humans and fish and wildlife. Scientists have found that extremely low concentrations of copper can damage a salmon’s sense of smell.

Ascot’s goal is not to find gold or copper; it is to keep its shareholders in the game. Ascot makes its living off of investors, attracted by the gambler’s thrill of striking it rich.

Our public resources are being placed at risk so Ascot can profit off of speculation.

Susan Saul