Letter: Focus also on misfortune of others



All of a sudden, there’s major concern about gun laws, and the loss of human life because of what happened in Connecticut. I get that. What I don’t get is why this uprising of concern has not been going on to this extent before this terrible event.

Why hasn’t there been this much concern about people living in ghettos where people die every day? Can we get more concern for people there? People get shot every day. People die from bullet wounds every day. They bleed in their homes and on sidewalks. That doesn’t just include adults, that includes children playing, and teenagers with their lives ahead of them.

Maybe we don’t have as much concern for them because they have a different skin color than us. Maybe we don’t have as much concern for them because they’re not as educated as we are, or have as much money as we do.

Whatever difference there is to us, let’s focus on every person. Everyone has as much value as those young school children. Everybody has an equal value of priceless.

David Crabtree