Letter: Examine nation’s beginnings



Ed Tazelaar’s Dec. 22 letter, “Adrift without moral guidance,” referring to what is bringing this country down and destroying itself from within is so true. Everyone who cares should watch the documentary movie “Monumental” narrated by Kirk Cameron. This movie should be a wake-up call, especially in the schools where it will be understood. We need honest history in the school system.

In the late ’60s, I had to study the history of the United States as part of becoming a citizen. I do not remember reading about the families devoted to their Christian religion who suffered fleeing England so they could read the Bible. History repeats itself, so be ready for where we are headed. We are losing our freedom because freedom is not free. Our ancestors died in wars for freedom, not dictatorship.

This is a Judea-Christian country, but the “melting pot” is overflowing and bubbling up with people who don’t accept or understand our culture and how we got here. Our faith and liberty are being slowly taken away by trying to change the Constitution we live by.

Anita Sunde