Talking Points: Salute your QB



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


We’ve heard of a team captain before, but a team lieutenant?

Just call him an officer and a football player.

In fact, we think it would be cool if Connor Dietz wore bars on his shoulder pads when his team plays in its bowl game today.

The quarterback for the Air Force Academy graduated last week. Immediately, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant.

The Air Force Falcons take on Rice in the Armed Forces Bowl today in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dietz said he is trying to just focus on football, not the fact that he now outranks all of his teammates.

We think his teammates should salute him after every huddle.

It would be the ultimate sign of respect and a reminder to all fans that for members of the service academies, football really is not the be-all, end-all.

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