Letter: Americans can deal with difficulty



Politics I take at face value, but I will vote for the person who I consider will do the best job for his or her constituents. The Republicans in the House and Senate who had one motive — to make President Obama a one-term president — need to be replaced. They were playing politics, and forgot what their job really is.

I believe everyone needs to pay their fair share concerning taxes. The rich have become richer and the middle class has pretty much vanished, and the average wage has declined in our country due to U.S. companies moving to countries that have cheaper wages. Is that trickle-down economics?

My bet is on the American people, who will work to put our United States back to where it needs to be. In every situation in past years, Americans rose to the occasion and are still willing to give our lives for the cause. Americans want to see “Made in the USA” on products we buy. I am proud to say I am an American and will fly my flag accordingly.

Marlin Dunlap