Letter: President should lead compromise




For all of you who voted in the last election, this is how the government works: The president is elected by the majority of people in all the states. Two senators in each state are elected to represent that state. Four hundred and thirty-five people are elected to the House of Representatives by the people in their districts. Therefore, in the last election there were more red districts than blue and those people were elected to do the bidding of the folks in their district, not in their state or the country, just their district. They are not there to follow some progressive agenda the people in other districts or states may want.

It is up to the president to get the House to work with him — if he can’t, it’s on him not the other way around. So all you nice folks out there can bad-mouth Congress all you want, but like the president, they were elected to represent millions of Americans.

Remember what Hillary Clinton screamed to America during the George W. Bush years, that dissent is patriotic. So live with it. For all the millions of people who didn’t vote, you gave up the right to complain about anything.

Darel Maden