Letter: Don’t wait to seek God’s acceptance



In the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shooting, many people wondered: Where was God?

Come on, let’s be reasonable. God has been kicked out of our schools, businesses and cities. So don’t call on Him when you are in trouble, call on Him daily. Ask Him to be with you in your daily tasks, ask Him to travel with you as you drive to work, the store, anywhere you might be going. Ask God to be your partner in your daily lives, then perhaps you can call on Him in time of trouble and in those times when you need help.

Why do we think that God is going to help us if we never give Him praise and the honor that He deserves? At this time of year, we should be crowding our places of worship; our churches, etc., should be bursting at the seams to accommodate those folks who want to get to know our God. There are those who think that God is on call anytime they need Him. Let Him know that you are ready to accept Him into your personal lives; He is more than willing to be a part of your life. Ask Him today. Don’t wait; tomorrow may be too late.

Jim Souder