Letter: Who’s being mean-spirited now?



The sudden eruption in the long-running debate over gun rights vs. gun control has highlighted an interesting paradox that I’ve noticed in the three decades that I’ve closely observed this debate.

Those who believe in gun control tend to portray themselves as innocent, pacifist, peace-loving folks who just want all the nasty guns to go away. Fair enough if it’s true, but if you read the public comments on news sites, you get a much different story.

While the pro-gun folks generally stay calm and offer facts to back up their positions, the anti-gunners are revealing their mean and nasty side. They are throwing every insult you can imagine. Some would like nothing better than to see every gun owner in America killed if it will save a single child. All sorts of vile and violent fates have been wished upon any gun owners who disagree with them. This violent intent extends to gun rights organizations and political parties with whom they disagree.

The amount of sheer hatred and mindless vitriol being spewed by the anti-gunners is astounding. After witnessing their blind rage, I am glad that they don’t wish to own guns.

Michael S. Brown