Talking Points: Wilson vs. RGIII



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


This could not have been drawn up much better.

Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson opposite Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III.

If there was ever going to be a direct comparison for the two, it will be Sunday at FedEx Field.

The votes for NFL rookie of the year might already be cast, but we are looking forward to see how the two matchup in a high-stakes game.

Only thing better would be for the winner to face the Colts’ Andrew Luck. … Maybe later.


By the time you read this, several NFL head coaches will already be ex-NFL head coaches as teams begin to “go in another direction.”

Black Monday, as it’s known in NFL circles, is the annual day after Week 17 when the teams that didn’t do so well begin to reshuffle their coaching staffs and front offices.

Eagles, Browns, Chiefs, Chargers, Cardinals, Lions, Bills … this could be an epic day for lost NFL jobs.

Chip Kelly, come on down!


Deadspin reported on Sunday that British Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah was detained by customs officials at Portland International Airport over the Christmas holiday because he was born in Somalia.

British tabloid The Sun reported how Farah “was quizzed by U.S. customs on suspicion of being a terrorist — even though he had his two Olympic gold medals in his suitcase.”

Deadspin reported that Farah was eventually released because Alberto Salazar, with whom Farah trains with Oregon, has a friend who works for the FBI.

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