Fishing report 2/2

By Allen Thomas, Columbian outdoors reporter



Sturgeon fishing in the Bonneville pool remains the best bet with a little less than a third of the boaters getting a keeper. State officials estimate 805 legal sturgeon had been taken through Sunday.

The fishery is expected to close about President's Day weekend. If any sturgeon remain on the 2,000-catch guideline they will be used in a summer season.

Horseshoe Lake in Woodland has been planted with 3,000 rainbow trout plus 20 10-pound surplus broodstock rainbow. Spearfish Lake near Dallesport got 162 5-pound rainbow trout and 12 of the 10-pounders.

Angler checks from the Washington (WDFW) and Oregon (ODFW) departments of Fish and Wildlife:

Lower Columbia — Longview to Portland, 38 boaters with one legal sturgeon kept and 18 sublegals released. (ODFW)

Camas to Bonneville Dam, four bank rods and four boaters with no sturgeon. (WDFW)

Mid-Columbia — Bonneville pool, 52 boaters with 15 legal sturgeon kept, one legal sturgeon released and 124 sublegals released; 19 bank rods with seven sublegal sturgeon released. (WDFW)

The Dalles pool, 20 boaters with 15 sublegal sturgeon released; 17 bank rods with one oversize and three sublegals released; 15 bank rods with no steelhead; 13 boaters with 13 steelhead kept and 23 released; four boaters with no walleye. (WDFW)

John Day pool, 41 boaters with two sublegal sturgeon released; 43 bank rods with no sturgeon. (WDFW)

Cowlitz — At the trout hatchery, 11 bank rods with six steelhead kept and two released; eight boaters with nine steelhead. About 150 winter steelhead returned to Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery last week. (WDFW)

Washougal — Sixty-seven bank rods with five steelhead kept plus one hatchery and one wild steelhead released; 21 boaters with four steelhead kept and 11 wild steelhead released. (WDFW)

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