Letter: Wind project is on private land



Sherri Irish’s “opinion” in a Jan. 26 letter, “Say no to wind farm in the Gorge,” is not factual and a bit hypocritical. She states the timber industry has been “dwindling for 50 years,” which is totally false. The losses in the timber industry have primarily occurred since 1994, when President Bill Clinton passed the Northwest Forest Plan, which reduced federal timber volume by approximately 80 percent. Targets in that plan have not been realized since.

Her wording would lead one to believe the Whistling Ridge Project was within the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area — it is not. This project is on private land outside the scenic area and is being proposed by a timber company that is trying desperately to diversify and remain viable while providing many well-paying jobs to individuals living in surrounding communities. Enough is never enough for some preservationists. No matter the boundaries, they continue to push beyond with their restrictive attitudes.

Ted Stubblefield