Weather Eye: How delightful: More sunshine, not much rain



Happy Groundhog’s Day! It will be nice to see more sunshine in the skies, and the extended weather forecast calls for just that.

As offshore breezes pick up Friday and Saturday, the weather should be delightful all the way to the coast. The Gorge will be hammered again with very strong east winds. The weather geeks will be up at Crown Point again, I’m sure.

I don’t see much rain the next 10 days or so, maybe a quick shot Tuesday, but high pressure will dominate the weather scene. The cold air still lingers in Alaska. I saw a photo of a rental car dashboard that one weather enthusiast posted on a local weather blog. The thermometer was showing minus 29 degrees. Can you imagine driving the car at that temperature? No thanks.

So is winter over? Well, not by the calendar anyway, and there is always a chance of something happening if the weather pattern changes. But if we don’t get any action by the first of March, the odds of any big weather events get quite smaller. Not that we can’t get wet snow in March, but springtime weather usually takes over.

Experts still cannot explain why in this moderate La Niña winter why we have escaped the usual forte of weather associated with La Niña. Just goes to show you we are still learning the science of the Earth and atmosphere.

Rainfall reports from your friends and neighbors are coming in for January, and I will share those sometime next week.

Vancouver ended up with 6.61 inches of rain last month, 1.11 inches above average. The average mean temperature was 40.9 degrees, 0.7 of a degree below average.

Enjoy the nice weather the next few days!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at