Rustler suspected in 2 more Woodland cattle deaths




WOODLAND, Wash. (AP) — The Woodland cattle rustler may have struck again.

Two cows were found dead Jan. 25 near the Walt’s Meats slaughterhouse in Woodland. One had been skinned; the other was untouched. A third is missing.

The Cowlitz County sheriff’s office says the carcasses had puncture wounds, as if they had been shot with bullets or arrows. The animals are worth about $1,500 each.

Deputy Charlie Rosenzweig told The Daily News ( ) the incident could be related to the killing of cow in November at a Woodland farm. The same farmer found a bull and cow shot in the hindquarters with hunting arrows in December. The animals survived.

Walt’s Meats president Jay Houser says it looks like someone is trying to get some meat.


Information from: The Daily News,