Where should you watch the Super Bowl?

There are pros, cons to staying at home, going to bar




Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us — and Vancouver football fans face a decision that’s almost as important as the heads or tails call for the opening coin toss: Do you watch the game at home or go out to the bar?

The lure of big TVs, gourmet food and drink specials can be tempting, but then again, at home you have a front row seat on your sofa and you don’t have to strain your wallet or worry about driving.

Whether you’re a fan of either team or not, the Super Bowl is an iconic game that few sports fans want to miss. Even the advertisements and halftime show create quite a bit of buzz.

Still not sure which way you’ll go? We’ve collected some info to help you decide:

At the bar

Pros: Prize giveaways, drink specials, wide variety of food, big TVs, more fans.

Cons: Need a designated driver, have to arrive early to get a seat, expensive, have to put up with other teams’ fans, noise, no Tivo playbacks.

At home

Pros: No driving, less expensive, you decide which friends come (depending on their team), easier to focus on the game, can rewatch plays on Tivo.

Cons: Cleaning, have to prepare food, smaller television, no giveaways.

Where to watch

If you opt to head out to watch the Super Bowl, here are some of the places around Clark County where you can catch the action.

Big Al’s: 16615 S.E. 18th St.; http://ilovebigals.com; 360-944-6118

Features: Giant 36-foot by 8-foot screen and several smaller ones throughout the venue; bowling and arcade specials; Super Party specials before, during and after the game; NFL jersey raffles; two-hour, pre-kickoff festivities with prizes, hosted by KFXX-AM sports radio.

• Back Alley Bar and Grill: 6503 E. Mill Plain Blvd.; http://thebackalleyonline.com; 360-694-6873

Features: Potluck party (bring a dish and eat for free), raffle tickets and prizes, projector screen.

• Main Event Sports Grill: 800 Main St.; http://mesportsgrill.com; 360-448-7146

Features: Happy-hour prices all day; several HD TVs, including about five 52-inch models.

• Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar: 7704 N.E. Fifth Ave.; http://buffalowildwings.com; 360-597-3486

Features: 40 screens, including a 117-inch projection TV; prize giveaways. Admission is $10 per person; advance registration required. Fee pays for a gift bag with a $5 coupon, a coupon for six free wings and two raffle tickets.

• Cinetopia: 11700 S.E. Seventh St.; http://www.cinetopia.com; 360-213-2800

Features: Watch the game on a 50 foot screen. Prime rib buffet with admission (arrive at least an hour before kickoff to assure a spot).

Services to get you to and from the pub:

• PubFly (will drive you and your car home for a fee): 360-313-7645, http://Pubflydd.comn

• Clark County Cab: 360-887-0411

• Radio Cab: 360-694-1234

• C-Tran: http://www.c-tran.com or 360-695-0123 for passenger services.