Letter: Criticism is politically motivated



In Jay Ambrose’s Jan. 26 opinion column, “Obama’s betrayal on pipeline decision hurts nation,” there were many statements without accompanying facts, and many facts missing that were needed to support his claims.

First, why must the Keystone XL pipeline go from Canada to Houston? Where is the refined oil to go? Is it being used in the U.S. or by foreign sources, like China? Nothing said about that.

Ambrose uses reportorial vague words such as could, might, would, perfectly harmless, lied, welshed, etc. to pose his claims, all of which are not substantiated.

Though I don’t know, I suspect that this oil, after leaving the Port of Houston, is going to foreign countries, probably China.

So to think that this oil will help out the U.S. is purely baloney, unless somebody can show that it is.

Thus, criticism about President Obama’s decision to postpone approval of the pipeline is just political bull-pucky.

Will somebody please tell us the truth?

Otherwise, it’s all just politics.

John Mihalyo