Letter: Let activities association do its job



Does Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, really wish to spend legislative time second-guessing Washington Interscholastic Activities Association decisions?

When the WIAA levies a punishment, it is seldom, if ever, popular with the offending team’s supporters. Most don’t have much say in the matter because they aren’t state senators.

Benton’s Senate Bill 6383 proposal to make punishment “appropriate” still leaves some body of people to decide what that means.

The Jan. 22 story “Bills push into, through committees” did not note if there is established precedent for the current situation. The district may choose to further punish its coach. The story did note that an extra game can give an advantage. I would add that this depends on timing and opponent.

I don’t know the King’s Way Christian School coach involved in this situation, but 16 games and a jamboree seems pretty simple, and scheduling is usually done with the athletic director and coach working closely together.

I object to Congress spending time on professional sports concerns, and that objection carries to our state Legislature meddling in what the WIAA was set up to do.

WIAA officials do what they do — not to hurt kids — but to ensure fair play.

James D. Patton