Letter: A ‘yes’ vote on Evergreen levy



As an informed watcher of Evergreen Public Schools, I urge a “yes” vote on the Evergreen continuation levy on Feb. 14.

Like many others, I’m disappointed that this levy has to come with a slightly higher tax rate than the current one. An extra $2.28 per month in 2013, up to around $6.50 per month by 2016 for a median-priced homeowner.

However, unlike some who call for a “no” vote, I understand that inflation pressures (health care, pensions) and the drawdown of funds from a state Legislature, which is not meeting its “paramount duty” to fully fund K-12 education, are the root causes. No employee of the district is going to be personally enriched by this small increase.

I believe that the increased costs are worth it, to maintain the programs and classes that will improve the school experience for all kids in our district. Please vote “yes” on this important and transparent levy.

Rob Perkins