Letter: Change needed in liquor law



I support House Bill 2558 and applaud Rep. Jim Moeller’s, D-Vancouver, efforts to establish a special liquor license for single-screen movie houses such as the Kiggins Theatre.

Two weeks ago I attended a movie at the Kiggins for the first time since it was remodeled. I am impressed by the extensive renovation of that theater including comfortable chairs, wide aisles between rows, a new, smooth and clean concrete floor, and all the great Art Deco details. However, when I went in search of a glass of beer, I was disappointed in the small bar area provided on the theater’s second floor. I understand that’s all that’s currently allowed because of Washington state law and Liquor Control Board policies. However, I would like to enjoy a beer or glass of wine in the actual theater. I realize I can do this at the Cinetopia theater in east Vancouver (or at any of the McMenamins theaters in Portland if I choose to drive across the river).

Changing our current liquor law is both a matter of fairness and a matter of economics and historic preservation. Passing HB 2558 would enhance the movie-going experience of Vancouver residents such as myself, promote historic preservation, and keep more of our entertainment dollars in Washington state.

James Lanz