Letter: Criticism of Obama lacks substance



E. Bruce Preece’s Jan. 31 letter, “Hope looms in November,” follows the latest Republican and Mitt Romney’s continued screed against President Obama.

If you really believed Preece’s letter, you would think that the entire national debt had been accumulated since January 2009 when the president took office. You would think that all of the “sky-high unemployment, unsustainable spending,” etc., only happened since January 2009.

As far as the “failed foreign policy,” just where is Osama bin Laden now? What about the others that plotted and carried out 9/11? Since the previous administration gave up on catching bin Laden, it took a courageous President Obama to give the orders for SEAL Team 6 to do what had not been done by the Bush administration.

Preece hurls the charge “trashing the Constitution,” but does not give a specific example. Did President Obama close all the churches, close newspapers, outlaw the right to assemble and petition for grievances under the First Amendment? What about the Second Amendment, did he order the ATF, FBI, and military to invade homes to confiscate fire arms?

Just give one article or amendment of the Constitution that has been “trashed.”

Hugh Shuford