Letter: Benton’s bill is more interference




Last fall I enjoyed following the competition between the King’s Way and Seton Catholic volleyball teams. It came as a shock to learn that King’s Way was disqualified from postseason competition due to playing too many games. I can only imagine the disappointment the King’s Way girls and parents felt.

However, the 16-game limit is not new or hard to understand. Every high school athletic director and volleyball coach in this state is aware of this rule, and every year hundreds of volleyball programs abide by it. I am sure that Kings Way’s athletic director experiences more than a twinge of embarrassment every time the subject of the infraction is brought up, and that he would rather learn from it and move on. I wish King’s Way the best this fall as they compete.

It is hard to believe that our Republican state Sen. Don Benton believes that government should be meddling in the affairs of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

I hope that the WIAA is allowed to continue its work without government interference and that Senate Bill 6383 will find its way into the legislative trash can.

Russ Noble