Letter: Levies carry multiple consequences



It’s levy time again; it may be dreaded by some. Emotions are stirred up if there is a fear of failure. Retired seniors don’t like to tip their hand as to how they will vote.

I lived in Germany for a while. They have no levies. Each province takes care of its schools. The schools are tough and demanding.

I feel Evergreen Public Schools is quite good and wants to be progressive. Hearthwood and Mill Plain schools are near where I live. If I had young children, I would send them to either school. The district has cut costs quite a bit. Of course, the days of the one-room school were cheap to run with no electricity nor plumbing. I give the Evergreen district high marks. Of course, high marks do not translate into a “yes” vote.

If you vote “no,” nobody will knock on your door to ask why. However, a “no” vote is at the expense of a lot of children who really want to learn.

However, the taxpayer may have his or her own agenda. Each wants a district with good fiscal stewards and academic results. That may not be asking too much.

Jerry Kohler