Letter: Money is now a qualification to win



I am outraged that our president is being chosen for us by billionaires with unlimited political PACs. Mitt Romney outspent Newt Gingrich 6 to 1 in Florida alone. Millions of dollars to win just one state out of 50. And that’s before he spends dollars to battle President Obama. Politicians focus on anti-abortion issues, anti-gun issues, gay marriage and made-up wars, to keep voters divided. Those side issues distract us from the fact that Wall Street and the banking industry are no more disciplined now than they were four years ago, and our representative democracy is now an oligarchy run by a few thousand people.

If all Americans could stand together and say, “I am not going to accept this from the government that is sworn to protect me,” this could change. We would have to flood the Congress and the president with letters. We would have to fill government offices and courthouses with protesters. We would have to stop our apathy. If we could have one day that people would show that they are united in having a government that respects them, instead of laughing at our gullibility, we might restore some balance to the game.

Barbara Sizemore