Letter: Block of light rail is misguided



Is Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, going to be the person who blocks light rail? So many of us drive over the bridge to catch the light rail. We want to ride it starting in Washington instead of crossing the bridge.

So much rhetoric and political maneuvering has been done already. People have spoken already. We want light rail to be included in the Columbia River Crossing.

We choose light rail to cross over the Columbia for all the reasons brought forth in the hearings, letters, newspapers; ans well as pleas from citizens, retired folks, bipartisan groups, commuters and business enterprises to get light rail on track. Herrera Beutler’s latest action is definitely a blatant political attention-getter that will lose her votes for her re-election. If that is her ploy for re-election, by creating a distraction in the progress of light rail crossing the Columbian River, she is not on the right track. She is headed for a train wreck.

Dean Osterman