Letter: New I-5 Bridge not needed



It’s good to see The Columbian expose the Columbia River Crossing’s shortcomings; maybe this boondoggle of replacing the Interstate 5 bridge will be stopped.

I remember back in the 1970s, the pitch for creating I-205 was to relieve some of the traffic from urban Vancouver and Portland. Now they want to do the reverse. What has changed? Oh yes, to justify their pet project and build a monument unto themselves. A third bridge downstream would serve a better need.

Some engineers have determined the current I-5 bridge is good for another 50 years. Why not get our money’s worth and life out of our past investment?

It has been published that rail, an expense part of this boondoggle, will move only 2 percent of the traffic. I remember the 1940s — there was light rail with streetcars and trolleys. What happened? Oh yes, the bus. Buses are still the most economical and flexible form of mass transit.

For those who don’t like to use the I-5 parking lot, move closer to your work and shopping, or work and shop closer to your home.

A new I-5 bridge is not needed, it costs too much, and is run by bureaucrats who have their own narrow focus in mind.

Chuck E. Mason