Man in pajamas foils suspected bike theft



A possible would-be bike thief was taken into custody early Friday after a man who was wearing nothing but pajama pants detained him outside his apartment in Vancouver’s Ogden neighborhood.

David Austin, 52, was sitting in a lounge chair in his living room watching TV when he heard clicking noises coming from his patio. He looked out the window and saw a guy jumping on a bike.

Austin, who had no shirt or shoes, ran down the street after the man he suspected was a thief, pushed him off the bike and wrestled him to the ground.

“You want to know the funny part?” Austin said. “He (the man on the bike) had a helmet on.”

Vancouver police showed up a few minutes later and took the man into custody. His name was not immediately available.

Austin has a few scrapes and bruises from wrestling with the man on the ground.

“I’ve got quite a few Band-Aids on me,” he said.

He said he sprang into action without thinking because he has had a few bikes stolen off his porch before and was “just sick of it.”