Letter: Heed global warnings from God



Earthly disasters such as earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, torrential rains and floods, uncontrollable raging forest fires, massive snowstorms, killer tornadoes and bitter-cold winters, and yes, even global warming cannot be prevented by man becoming more “green” or environmentally responsible.

There is something bigger at play here. Something most worldly people would rather not think about.

God sends catastrophic judgments on Earth not without purpose. They are sent wherever God deems the iniquity of man has become full (Genesis 15:16 or when correction is needed Job 37:13).

Talk about “global warming,” there will come a time when God will cause the sun to increase its heat greatly, in order to scorch men who would not repent of their unbelief in God, and who blasphemed God, and gave Him not glory, and repented not of their deeds (Revelation 16:8,9,11).

And, it is not necessary for people to be exceedingly evil to receive judgment for their sins. Jesus warned “Suppose ye that these were sinners above all because they suffered such judgment? I tell you: but except you repent, ye shall all likewise perish” (Luke 13:4,5).

Frank Rademacher