Letter: Keep message positive, not political



How sad that politicians and pundits are using the Chrysler ad during Super Bowl starring Clint Eastwood as a political football. Chrysler is just trying to keep a fragile surge of American economic optimism going long enough to assure their continued comeback. Take pride, America, we have made progress, there’s a tough fight ahead but we’re up to it.

The ad’s message was destined to become political. For Democrats it’s a validation of the policy of the loans to save the automobile industry. For Republicans it’s an example of a failed policy of picking economic winners and losers.

We are clearly not Detroit, but we ought to be able to stand proudly as fellow survivors of the 2008-2009 Great Recession. In Clark County our manufacturing industry is also recovering. Unemployment is going down. We are weathering the cuts in social services but we did it without violating the dignity of public employees.

Ahead are the challenges to overcome the drop in home values, too many of our neighbors in poverty, and the high cost of higher education.

We have survived. Let’s not take that for granted. Let’s affirm the positive message of fellow survivors like those in Detroit without falling into our political camps.

Jim Ebacher