Letter: Reject light rail



Reject light rail

I have one question for the planners about their proposal for light rail on the Columbia River Crossing project. Where is it written that an Oregon congressman, as well as a lame-duck mayor of Portland, can dictate to the people of Clark County as to what we will have or not have? This is what Congressman Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., and Mayor Sam Adams are attempting to do.

Light rail across the Columbia and up to Clark College will benefit only those people living in and around that area of Vancouver. The rest of us who live several miles from the college will have to drive to get the “privilege” of riding Portland’s little train. And I won’t even get into paying for parking in any of the parking lots and/or structures that will surely be built in the immediate area. And those parking fees will very likely be exorbitant, especially for those on a fixed income. Nor will I mention that houses and offices in the area will be taken out and off the property tax rolls for those parking lots.

Light rail into Clark County, as it is now proposed, is a terrible idea and should be rejected by the voters here in spite of what DeFazio and Adams have to say.

Bill Fisher