Letter: A little help goes a long way



More than likely, the couple I wish would see this won’t. That would be the young man and woman who made every effort to avoid eye contact and keep walking as my 70-year-old wife lay injured on the side of a local trail. Would it have hurt them to ask if we needed help?

If I saw an older woman prostrate in the grass, not moving, with her husband kneeling by her, I’d at least make an effort to help. They didn’t.

A huge thank you to the young woman who cut a long staff for my wife to lean on while she limped out a miserable three quarters of a mile on a badly sprained ankle. She just saw the situation and helped.

What’s wrong with our society that anyone would just ignore an obvious emergency situation? Please folks, help out when you can. We’d do the same for you.

Charles “Scotty” Richardson