Letter: CRC burden is on Washingtonians



For all you misinformed who think light rail and the CRC is a great thing and will bring jobs to Vancouver, try telling that to the employees and businesses in the area being affected by this project. Many buildings that house several businesses will be gone, as well as homes. The only jobs it will be bring to Vancouver are construction that already have their crews.

I think downtown Vancouver will become a ghost town due to the lack of people wanting to go there.

Show me the jobs first before you build. In my opinion, light rail is just another way for Oregon to get more money from Washington residents. We pay enough already to work there, so why do they think we want to pay more?

Have the CRC light rail planners ever thought about leasing the track space to Oregon for its light rail at say a million dollars per mile? This would more than pay for it.

Our mayor keeps talking about how the cars could be tolled, but I have a question about people walking and riding bikes. How are they going to pay their share? After all, this new bridge is being built for them also.

Arthur Hooper, Vancouver