Letter: Tax increases are not the solution



Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, wants to implement a capital gains tax to help fund education. He wants to increase taxes on beer and cigarettes as well as a temporary sales tax increase. We all know how permanent a temporary tax is.

Washington lawmakers want to increase driver’s license fees by 80 percent. They also want to implement a $1.50 fee per barrel of oil refined in the state. A separate bill already passed through committee would charge a $100 annual fee to owners of electric cars to make up for the lack of gas taxes paid by the electric car drivers. Washington already has one of the largest gas taxes per gallon in the nation; one has to wonder how much is enough.

How can these members of our state government seriously think that they can tax us citizens even more then we already are taxed? How about these members of government implement a 20 percent cut in their salaries and benefits to help our state? This won’t happen, as they feel they are above all of us who are trying to make ends meet.

When election time comes, I write down those who vote to increase taxes unfairly and they will not get my vote.

Curt Ross, Washougal