Vital statistics




Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center

Kayla S. Balderre and Paul M. Fomin, Vancouver, a girl, Novalee May Fomin, Feb. 3, 6 pounds, 4 ounces.

Marriage licenses


Angeles, Candido Robles, 30, Woodland, and Jones, Amy Yvonne, 36, Amboy.

Calvin, Michael Lee, 40, Vancouver, and Persin, Megan Jonnette, 32, Vancouver.

Grady, Darby Elliot Francis, 41, Vancouver, and Fischer, Hannah Nicole, 35, Camas.

Kysar, Owen David, 20, Yacolt, and Kopman, Kate Serena, 19, Ariel.

Rule, David Steven, 57, Battle Ground, and Easley, Jodi Lavonne, 48, Battle Ground.

Sandoval, Trevor Joseph, 18, Vancouver, and Banuelos, Christie Nicole, 20, Vancouver

Springer, Devn Gentry, 28, Vancouver, and Lathrop, Laura Nicole, 25, Vancouver.


Cornelius, Dustin Terry, 19, Brush Prairie, and Kandoll, Megan Louise, 19, Battle Ground.

Eland, John Robert, 61, Vancouver, and Lessar, Rebecca Jean, 41, Vancouver.

Herrera, Aron Anthony, 20, Ridgefield, and Goldsworthy, Sarah Jane, 19, Vancouver.

Joner, Mathew Craig, 34, Vancouver, and Hipp, Kerri Ann, 40, Vancouver.

Lister, Aaron James, 23, Vancouver, and Koitzsch-Saunders, Leah Elizabeth, 21, Vancouver.

McClure, Mathew Michael, 35, Vancouver, and Sweet, Megan Rebeca, 32, Vancouver.

Rosales, Humberto Gaspar Blanco, 26, Vancouver, and Roberts, Ingrid Elizabeth, 29, Vancouver.

Stewart, Justin Robert, 19, Yacolt, and Karvonen, Jennifer Agnes, 19, Battle Ground.

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